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Bluetooth SIG have a clear policy: high-speed version of Bluetooth to use only the high frequency band


Designed to promote the standardization of short-range wireless interface Bluetooth, the Bluetooth SIG held in Tokyo on December 7, 2006 meeting of members of the future activities of the policy introduced by the SIG person in charge. Talked about is currently developing a new generation of high-speed version of Bluetooth Version 3.0 (tentative name), and predict the frequency used in the 6G ~ 9GHz within.

On a new generation of high-speed version of Bluetooth, has been developed by industry groups, WiMedia Multi-Band OFDM physical layer. Through the use of UWB technology, to achieve hundreds of Mbit / s high-speed data communications. UWB frequency band to be able to use, the United States and other countries is also possible to use 3 ~ 5GHz (low band). However, the Bluetooth SIG to determine the low-frequency band to avoid the most likely to cause interference with other wireless services, using only the principle of the high frequency band. WiMedia has begun to put into production with IC almost all the low-frequency band. In the future, semiconductor manufacturers to speed up the development but also in the high frequency band of the WiMedia IC.

However, 6G ~ 9GHz band can be used in areas limited to the United States and other countries. "Japan can use the band 7.25G ~ 10.25GHz, Europe and the United States is 6G ~ 8.5GHz frequency band can be used by different (SIG officers concerned). The Bluetooth SIG worldwide can use the 6 ~ 9GHz band, ready to lobby the relevant agencies of the Governments.

The Bluetooth SIG, Michael Foley, Executive Manager, Version 3.0 standard is expected to be completed in the first half of 2008. Related products may have to wait until after the second half of 2008 debut "(Foley).